Secrets To Recurring Conversions on WhatsApp

After 4 years of a relationship where I was treated like I had no value in this life, shunned by everyone, I became less of myself.

My life was upside down and I was a failure at everything. To me there was no need to live anymore, I had lost hope.

One-day, while I was online looking for painless and smooth ways to leave this world and end everything, I came across something else, something totally different, a very amazing discovery by a genius.

As you read on, you will start to see why this discovery is very unique and interesting. It is even more interesting because it is something we use everyday but don’t know how much value we hold in our hands.

When over 7,000 lucky people (lucky because not everyone is lucky enough to find out about this secret ) from all over the country have made sure they get this particular tool.

When a man like Akin Alabi, the owner of Naira bet which is the biggest betting business in Nigeria has given his positive reviews on this genius and a man like Michael Olatunji, the biggest CPA affiliate marketer in Africa has also given his approval on this same genius.

When thousands of people are saying they haven’t seen something like this around , and a lot of people are giving testimonies of how they have saved a huge some of money and have grown their business beyond imagination.
Don’t you think it is something you need to look into as well?. Something which is so unusual ,different and that works .

The secret to massive sales on WhatsApp. The secret of how you can SELL OUT and get your customers to BEG to pay in advance.

That is why you see a man of 43 years , after working his whole life for other people, he decides to quit and start his own business and in just a few months , he becomes more successful than the rest who have been in that same business for years with a lot of experience.

There must be something unique about the way he runs his business.
You would like to know more about it wouldn’t you?.

While you read on your eyes will be opened to why this training is nothing like what you have seen before and why people who have it want to hide the knowledge.

In this amazing discovery ,I found out a lot of coded ways to massively increase my sales on WhatsApp.

We all know how tricky it can be to start a business on WhatsApp going from where you have about just 15 contacts which happens to be family and friends to scaling up and getting strangers who are more likely to buy from you than family.

But it’s not only about having a large contact list. You have more than 700 WhatsApp contacts on your list but still struggle to make sales, but there’s someone else with less than 200 contacts who is cashing out everyday and still growing more contacts.
It’s not your fault!!!.

Some of the people you look up to don’t actually want you to be better than them , they don’t tell you everything so you keep looking up to them.

But after all the money you have invested ,your hard work, your time and depriving yourself of somethings you desire just to run your business and help your family, you should reap the fruits of your labour because you deserve it.

Another thing I learnt was how to keep your existing customers coming back everytime.
We all know getting customers is one thing, getting them to be loyal to just you is another wahala.

With this tool, you will learn 2 simple steps to build a list of very quality contacts that always beg for your product and services.

The truth is that with this training , most times you will will be SOLD OUT so your customers will beg to pay in advance, just make sure you deliver as promised to build more trust.

You will be able to build a crazily huge number of contacts. Not just ordinary contacts like you have been building, I mean contacts who love and trust you and will buy anything without thinking twice.

By the way, let me introduce you to the genius who put this training together and changed lives .

His name is Tamilore Adewuyi (@TamiloreAdewuyi on Twitter).

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It used to be 15,000 naira but people protested because the value was way more than the price.So it was increased to 20,000.

Get this training for such a tiny amount and have access to it for life. You can revisit the knowledge as much as you want.

P.P.S You don’t need to rush to order this training , you don’t need to rush into making the decision to grow your business to millions monthly. You can take your time and watch others make millions while you struggle with your two sales a week and start forming introvert every Christmas because you are broke.
It will be better for people like me because that means we will have lesser competition in business and more cashing out to do with just WhatsApp.

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Dear Reader,

The first thing I want to say here is that your advert headline does not necessarily need to sell anything. You do not need your readers to grab from the first instance that you are probably selling something. People have evolved and can spot a sales pitch at one glance. This really turns them off in most cases.

Most times it is not like they do not want to buy your product or service. It is just that humans have a naturally built in sales defense. This defense gets stronger the more they perceive you are trying to sell something to them.

The normal human being when being sold to, immediately feels like you are trying to trick them to get their money and we humans hate feeling “used”. The worst is when you make exaggerated claims and begin to sound desperate. Desperation gives a very foul stench to your advertising copy, a stench that can be smelt from far away. Nobody will go close to it , infact it will be avoided.

People want to buy at their own will, without feeling like they are being convinced or tricked into it. Your job as a copywriter is to make them feel that NOW is the right time. You should make your own terms become theirs but this can not happen if they do not even get past your headline.

This is where the role of your headline comes in. The role of your headline is to snatch your prospect’s attention from whatever they may be doing at that point and listen to you. But that is not all, your headline is supposed to make your prospects read the second line of your copy. The role of your second line is to make them read the third line of your copy. Like that , every line must compel the reader to read the next.

It is your duty as a copywriter to compel your reader to read your advertising message in details, not skipping any information at all. Today, we are focused on just the headline.

Let’s take a Copywriting Training/ Course as example.

Which one do you think will get more attention? Definitely, headline 2 will. This is because it hits a major pain point of copywriters, marketing agencies, business owners and even professionals who are trying to market themselves. Whether they are inexperienced, entry level or seniors in their fields, they would want to know more.

Once they get past your headline, then your second line has to do it’s job effectively to keep them reading but by then, your headlines have helped you cross one major hurdle which is getting their attention in this fast moving world where everyone’s attention span gets shorter and shorter everyday.

What do you think is the problem with headline 1? It’s really not so terrible for a headline, the discount is quite attractive but imagine you are a prospect going through their social media fees or surfing the internet looking for copywriting and advertising tips and you bump into this kind of headline. There is a high chance you will scroll past it because your first natural instinct in this scenario is definitely not to immediately spend money. You are trying to see if you can get some tips online for free if possible. Some prospects may even think it is a scam and will not even click to open the full post ( that will be really sad for the copywriter).

This headline ( headline 1) may only work effectively when your audience already know about you and may have built an amount of trust or may know you and had previous intentions of making a purchase. This will not work for fresh prospects you may be pitching for the first time .

Another example of captivating headline we will look at is the TOVA Ad by Gary Halbert” below.


Even if you are not a Hollywood star and have no intentions of becoming one, you would stop and read because the idea of a “FACE LIFT” appeals to everyone and Hollywood stars are idols to so many people.
The “FACELIFT IN A JAR” brings to your audience awareness, a huge benefit, something of great interest. Who doesn’t want a face lift without the part of going through a surgery. This ad probably had their audience saying things like “how can a facelift be in a jar?”, “ how does this work?”, “Does that mean I don’t need a surgery or Botox anymore?”. These are curiosities they will be itching to satisfy, thus keeping them glued to your sales pitch. This is how marketing geniuses pitch, persuade and convert clients using everyday words we use on WhatsApp without exaggerated claims

The truth is people don’t really care about the name of your product till they know of what importance it is to them. Therefore your headline should first bring to your audience awareness ,the best performance or functionality of the product rather than the physical product.

If we go back to the “TOVA AD” we will see that attention was brought to the functionality of the product which is the fact that using it will make you look like you had a face lift. Rather than saying something like, “BUY THIS CUTE FACIAL CREAM FOR JUST $30”. There are a billion facial creams in the market which may even cost less so why should anyone look at this particular one.

It is also important to understand that as much as your headline captures your audience attention to your copy, that is not where your copywriting job ends. Once you get your prospects attention, you must keep them reading without getting confused or bored.

The headline only gives you that one-time opportunity, opening the stage for you to perform. So you have no choice than to wow them!!




Have you seen Caleb lately? He looks really great now infact, according to his wife Cynthia, she never knew her husband was this handsome, neither did she believe he would buy her a brand new car ever in their lifetime.

Many of Caleb’s friends have accused him of money ritual and internet fraud and they keep asking him to “cut soap” for them.
What about Cynthia his wife, she now looks 7 years younger, fresher like a newly wed bride and she’s low-key buying new properties all around Lagos.

Their friends can’t seem to explain this, according to them, “ This is strange because we almost never see them leave their house”.
But neither Caleb nor his wife Cynthia are involved in any fraudulent act or ritual . They both just have a certain “ little secret”

Cynthia says and I quote “I am not into prostitution, internet fraud or ritual or any of those things people are saying around, the reason for this change in our finance is because of what my husband found out and also introduced me”

Fortunately for the rest of us, this “little money secret” is not so secret anymore!!!!. You can now get it by your E-mail, even now!!!.
Officially it is called the 72 Hour Income Generator but everyone who knows about it calls it “Affiliate marketers charm”.
The people who use it say it works like magic once you apply the rules. Insiders say there is nothing like it for anyone who want to make 100—400k weekly wearing pajamas at home.
According to Mr Caleb, the secret of his fortune was discovered by Toyin Omotosho, Nigeria’s No.1 cash machine.

He says it is a combination of rare marketing success secrets and a 100% successful affiliate marketing system. There for even if you are an aspiring or experienced affiliate marketer or you just want to get secrets of how to grow your business, you should find this helpful.

Before Mr Toyin came into the picture and made it easy for all, getting knowledge of this value used to cost thousands of dollars and was not even available to everyone.
But what about the results? Does it really work?
Here is what a few people have to say:

I used the 72IG program to generate N540,000 in ten days —Onome Maureen

I want to thank Toyin Omotosho for developing this program that is helping people make a lot of money online —Sola Mathew

It goes on and on. A complete list of everyone’s review will keep us here for days and it makes a list of successful affiliate marketers.
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Remember, time lost can never be gained.


Dear Reader,

If you want to be successful in business or copywriting, you have to understand how, when and why your prospects buy your products.

You can be the greatest manager in the world, you can be a very visionary person , you can be very exceptional at creating and managing a business or a even a pro in web analytics and Search Engine Optimization. But if you don’t know the foundation and catalysts of a sales process, you will never really take charge of your business.

You think you have control for a while , sales are coming in, your business is scaling up and every one feels like they are winning.
But then it hits, people no longer buy as before , some products stop selling at all and your Ads don’t work anymore.

This could be as a result of a change in the economy, your market or even the local markets, or you need to change your Copywriter. You are not sure what exactly is wrong with your copy and you are confused on which way to go now.

When the tides change like that’s ( if it hasn’t yet, there’s a high chance it will at some point), all your management, vision and interpersonal skills will not do anything for you. When the tides change direction, there is only one thing that will help you not get thrown overboard

Being able to generate more sales and conversions.
Knowing how to create great sales messages is the fundamental successful business and wealth building skill.


You should be able to write messages which speak to your clients and puts them in a buying trance.

A business cannot start without sales, cannot continue without sales and can never by pass tough times without sales. If your sales decline and you have no idea what do to , you will fall down flat.

It doesn’t have to be that way. If you can master the psychology and behavioral pattern of your prospects— this includes, understanding the sales process and what your clients and prospects want at any given time. You will never worry again about a decline in business. You will always have a good sense of what you need to do to get new clients and keep existing ones coming back.

There are only two ways to become the king of marketing and sales.
The first is to take out some hours daily, be in the market place , making sales.

This is not a bad method though but it is extremely time consuming (especially as a business owner)—Your sales are just based on interest in your current products by your current customers that are present at that time.

But this is a better way. Study your entire market and have all their buying activities and behaviors at your fingertips and figure out what works at any given time.
The way I do that ( which is my little secret) is to study the most successful adverts in my own business and competition.

I spend 10-20 minutes daily looking at some piece of advertising that I know is doing very well . I discover the secrets, what makes it more successful than others?, why is it doing 2 times more sales? ,What exactly is happening?.

I’ve been doing this for a really, really long time and during these times, I have written sales messages that have built businesses from ground level to millions of dollars.

When I see an advert I really like, I take my time to examine it in details. This gives me new and brilliant ideas for improving products , creating new advertising and promotional campaigns— keeping me on top of my game.

Top people come to me when they are engulfed in marketing issues. I am a genius in this game because I take extra time to do this .
These are what you learn when you do a detailed market research
• What your prospects fear
• Their greatest desires
• Their tone or language that makes them lose interest
• Methods they have tried before that failed
• Persuasive words that inspire them to buy.
• The best timing of each promotion
• What headlines keep them hooked
• What prices they are willing to pay
• What are they willing to pay for
• Which offers sell the most.

That’s just the basics .
Whenever there is a discussion of how to start a new product or improve declining sales, I always have a bunch of ideas already on that product to include in the copy. This surprises people a lot and they always ask how I come up with these mind-blowing ideas in such a short time.

To learn how to come up with brilliant ideas for any product sales messages. Click here.

I don’t tell them that I’m just borrowing tips and ideas, transferring the successful ideas from one business to another.
I can’t tell them that because, they pay me a lot of money to be a marketing genius. I can’t just disappoint them by saying my secret is just a streamlined and focused approach to market study.

You can and you have to do the same, so that your business can survive the test of time and you can sail these marketing waves like a king.
But if you have not done this by now, there is a great chance you probably never will and this could be because you are either
• Really busy
• Confused
• Or even already stressed out by the idea.

If you do not think you can do it on your own, I have a solution for you.
To encourage as many business owners as possible, I have discovered a new program that will take you by the hand and do it with you.

You do not need too much motivation, you don’t have to start looking for adverts to read or be in the market all day. You will be given everything.

It is a direct response copywriting program where genius copywriters have analyzed the top direct- response marketing pieces online , ways to pitch and acquire big clients.

It was prepared by a very popular direct response marketer , Andy Mukolo.

Every month , they organize private calls and workshops to look at top- performing marketing pieces, analyze and break them down for you—They look at every product that is being marketed successfully through direct-response marketing.

They are not just going to analyze them for you , you are going to find out how the most successful copywriters work, how they land those contracts and how they can easily come up with genius marketing pieces.

I have gone through this program several times to make sure it is really top-notch and I can tell you it really is.
You will find out how to know good ads, exactly how well it performed in the market and why it is actually successful.

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That is, you will learn
• The 6 different ways to open your copy or sales messages and slip right past your audience defenses
• The business side of Copywriting
• The complete 4 part master class on quality client acquisition
• How to pitch any client and close sales without looking desperate.
• Persuade and acquire clients using normal everyday words that you use to chat on Whatsapp without unnecessary hype or exaggerated claims.

So, if you are an entrepreneur who is interested in marketing their own products or services,

Or you are a budding copywriter, interested in the lucrative career of copywriting,

Or maybe you want to market yourself and build your career.
You will find this program of great value.

It is called “ Foreign Copywriting Initiative” and it is all you need to understand and start creating million dollar promotions.
You will be walked through direct-response , direct-mail promotions that are breaking records. By that , I mean millions of dollars of sales , blowing away all competition.
You will even see promotions and the insights on how and why they worked.

The secret of how the best marketers create promotions that bring in millions of dollars could hold valuable and critical solutions for you in your own career and business. Once you understand the processes involved, you will be able to use these secrets to propel your own work.
You will quickly understand all aspects of the promotion like
• The headline
• The teaser copy
• The Salutations
• The lead
• The Proof
• Big idea/ Big picture
• The benefits
• The promises
• The close
• The offer.
And that’s just for starters.
By the time you finish reading through those promotions, you will have a crystal clear understanding into what made them generate such great results and you will have lots of ideas on how you can apply these secrets to your own promotion advertising and your own future
( You will also be added to an online platform where you can discuss with others who are more experienced in the game).

When I discovered the program and went through it. I realized it was the best direct-response marketing program in the world.
If you enroll now, it will cost just #40,000 naira one-off payment for lifetime access and mentorship ( convert to your currency if you’re not Nigerian).

Really this is an insanely low bargain compared to the insights you will get into the minds of the most successful marketers in the world
You will be coached by the very best writers and analyze the top performing direct-response marketing pieces available today.
Remember these smart marketers are pulling in millions of dollars for their clients. They also make as much as $500,000 dollars or more annually. Their skills lead to millions of dollars in sales.
When you sign up you will also get these bonuses.
• Bonus 1: Complete Agora swipe file ( containing 100+ master piece sales letters that built a 2 billion dollar publishing company)

• Bonus 2:Hidden asymmetrics in the daily life of a well paid sought-after marketer

• Bonus 3:Insight into the greatest con man’s behavioral patterns

• Bonus 4:43minutes, 59 seconds of internal recording with 9 figure copywriting genius

• Bonus 5:Big ideas, unique mechanisms and No-brainer offers , how to understand it and charge more than other marketers and copywriters

• Bonus 6:Fascinating video sales letters and webinar scripts.

The worth of these bonuses already exceed the price of the total program. So you’re spending just #240,000 and getting additional value worth over #400,000.

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